Land of eagles

British holidaymakers flock in their thousands to nearby Spain, Italy and Greece. This is a country which is equally close but remains practically undiscovered.

Albania has it all. A coastline bathed in sunshine, epic mountains, castles and mosques, not to mention a fascinating capital city, Tirana.

The country’s unique selling point is the decades it spent in isolation ruled by socialist dictator Enver Hoxha. Thousands of bunkers from that era pepper the countryside while grandiose statues and murals aren’t hard to stumble across.

There was a diversity of photographs to capture in Albania, while it felt energetic and surprisingly modern. We know the Mediterranean far too well, but this is a twist on the familiar that’s well worth checking out.

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2 thoughts on “Land of eagles

  1. Another beautiful country and another one on my list of places to visit!! Gorgeous scenery (“Parents and Son”? ;) ) and you have brought the bright colours of the place to life, Mike! :)


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