A year of travel

It was a big decision taking a year out to spend travelling. Those 12 months passed very quickly and I’ve had time to take stock of places visited, people met and what’s next.

I came back with a lot of photographs and set myself the task of choosing one image to sum up every trip and country. They’re images I’m proud to have captured, but also are the most evocative of each place. It’s sometimes a strong personal memory, other times a striking impression.

The journey hasn’t finished for me. Travelling has sparked a desire to see more of the world and change my life.

Please share your memories of travel, particularly the ones that have stayed with you forever.

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10 thoughts on “A year of travel

  1. Wow! What a whirlwind twelve months that has been for you! And what amazing experiences! I am somewhat jealous!! The summaries of each country you have brought us have shown a good insight into the places you have been to, so thank you for sharing. What lies in store next, then? I look forward to hearing about the next adventure! :)

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