Manchester dusk

Winter is coming to the north of England and the light begins to fade before 4pm.

One afternoon, sitting at my desk at home in Manchester, I glanced out of the window to see a fading, red and beautiful light.

I grabbed my camera and went out, walking along the Bridgewater Canal towpath that stretches from my neighbourhood of Castlefield to Pomona.

It was cold and the water was coal black and still, creating delicious reflections. Tracing back my steps, I looked around and was blessed with a rich urban sunset.

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6 thoughts on “Manchester dusk

  1. How very calm with magnificent reflections. Love the almost surreal look of the bright images. You’ve sure had a busy year travelling Mike. More of the same in the near future??

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    • Lovely to hear from you as always, Lee. It was sub zero here in Manchester this morning – quite a contrast to the hot, tinder dry conditions that have been wreaking havoc in NSW. The travel bug has now really set in… trying to create a work life that allows for much more of it (not so easy!)


      • And you too Mike. Yes NSW is like a tinderbox, that is the parts that haven’t already gone up in flames and SE QLD isn’t much better. Keep going. I enjoy seeing your travels, very different places to mine and you did get to a lot of new ones this last year.

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        • I decided to leave my old job permanently to really bring in sweeping change. I’m going to stick with it and see more of the world. In the meantime I’m reconnecting with my adopted home city. Take good care in those treacherous conditions.

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