Walks with my camera

When winter takes a grip here in Manchester, the temptation is to hibernate with a hot drink and a blanket.

But the need to stretch your legs and brave the fresh air can take over. I find wrapping up warm and picking up my camera bag helps the cause.

My recent camera walks have taken in the city’s Bridgewater Canal towpath, the nearby Cheshire countryside and a festive Manchester city centre after dark in the pouring rain.

Here’s some of my shots. Remember it’s always worth popping a small camera in your pocket when the leave the house – no matter what the conditions are.

Tap/click first image to see gallery

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14 thoughts on “Walks with my camera

  1. Wow! I love the Castlefield b/w one, Mike. Stunning!!
    I totally agree – hibernation is the default, but not the way forward. Over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself picking up my camera less and less. I always have it with me, but don’t always take photos. A long way from when I first started blogging, when I insisted on taking photos every single day… I think it might be a time of year/weather thing, or SAD kicking in. Still a new year is on the horizon, so who knows! :)


    • Hi Richard, glad you like the neighbourhood and beyond! The weather and light has been pretty poor here so my camera hasn’t seen so much action either. I’m itching for new, warmer climes again! You’ve become an Insta star… that’s how I ‘access’ you these days!

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      • Haha! I am available to access in as many ways as possible! ;)
        Seriously, though, I am probably going to move away from the blog side of things in the new year. While I love the fact that I’m closing in on 2900 consecutive days, I am getting way more views and feedback on Instagram than I am on here these days. I don’t begrudge it, but it does sometimes feel like a lot of effort to reap very little reward.
        I’m not sure, I may just try something different. Relax on the daily front and perhaps do something more impactful on a weekly basis.
        Who knows what 2020 will bring?! :)
        (But you’ll always be able to get hold of me! ;) )

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