Stormy seaside

The Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool is famous for its golden sands, soaring tower, kiss me quick hats and fairground rides.

I decided to explore it for the first time on the murkiest of winter days, when a cold wind was howling and rain lashing down.

The backdrop was solid grey and the caramel-coloured, foamy sea swirled around dramatically.

I took refuge in the spectacular (and warm) Tower Ballroom, given a yearly outing by TV show Strictly Come Dancing.

A testing day culminated with a nasty fall on the Promenade (please check for loose bootlaces) and a grazed camera.

But I’ll be back in the summer to see blue skies, excitable crowds and Blackpool in all its seasonal splendour.

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9 thoughts on “Stormy seaside

  1. It’s taken me a while to get there, but I’ve finally reviewing the lovely shots of Blackpool! There’s nothing like the depths of winter to highlight the British seaside town! Loving the Winter Gardens’ Winter sign! And, being of Manchesterford, you had to get Coronation Street in there too! :) Hope your knee and camera are not suffering too much!

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  2. As you say Mike, a grey, grey day. Love the first storm tossed sea image with that caramel. How are you? Hope you aren’t still suffering from that fall? I do enjoy your non-standard tourist images it gives me so much more of a feel for a place, thank you.

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    • Hi Lee, lovely to hear from you and thank you. Well there weren’t too many tourists mooching about on this day! I’m all good after tumbling though my lens is a bit scuffed. I hope the wildfires have abated and not just because the news agenda has moved on…


      • Hi Mike, yes our superfires have nearly all been put out by, guess what, storms and floods! We seem to be going from one extreme to the other down here! But news has also moved on to Coronavirus, the next unknown.


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