Moments of calm

These are not normal times. The coronavirus pandemic around the globe is triggering profound changes, a lot of uncertainty – and is making us feel anxious.

A lot of us are having to stay inside our homes and alter our routines drastically, giving us more space to think about the situation.

It’s important to take time out from the dramatic cycle of news and think about our mental well-being. One small way to do this is by focusing on images that promote calm diversion.

I’ve put together a gallery of nature, sunsets, landscapes and minimalism that can draw you in and focus the mind. Take some moments to look at them if it’s all getting too stressful, and enjoy a moment of peace. Stay safe and healthy. Take care.

Tap/click first image to view gallery

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8 thoughts on “Moments of calm

  1. thank you Mike – enjoyed scrolling through the calmness of your gallery – you have some ingenious titles for your photos too – part of what I admire about your work. The ones that did it for me best were: the mist lifts; behind the sea wall; casters.

    p.s. I am trying to stay upbeat by posting a pic a day that evokes positivity!

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    • Thanks Laura and lovely to hear from you – I hope you’re keeping well and safe. The power of photography is immense, so now’s the time to harness it to positive effect :) Even if it distracts just one person from a spell of anxiety, it’s worth the effort.

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