Lockdown photography

A week ago the UK government introduced stringent measures in a effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We’ve all been instructed to stay at home and make only essential trips for shopping and exercise while keeping our distance. When I venture out to stretch my legs or fetch supplies, my camera stays behind – it would be frivolous to go out and shoot.

Photography is an enjoyable and creative outlet for me, so I’ve turned my attention indoors like other photographers.

Familiar, ordinary objects become interesting, while having flowers in the house is a definite plus. I’m lucky enough to have a balcony so can enjoy the view (even though I’ve captured it countless times before).

As the pandemic marches on, it looks like we’ll be at home for longer. What are you photographing during the lockdown?

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6 thoughts on “Lockdown photography

  1. A lovely series of images, Mike! I’ve yet to turn my attentions inside, I have to admit, and have found that taking my camera with my on my daily constitutionals has given me more of a sense of purpose – particularly undertaking the 9in45 projects. But I appreciate that others might find having their camera with them less essential than the eternal hunt to the basics. :)

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    • Thanks Richard, there’s not too much rhyme or reason to them! As you’ve witnessed I tend to hang about and dither with my camera so I didn’t think that was in keeping with the current situation. It’s probably less of an issue out there in the sticks ;)

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  2. Luckily my family have a huge garden, reachable by car in 5 mins, so this past weekend when the sun was out we all met there – while keeping a 2m distance from each other – and I brought my camera. Inside, I started to train my eye again on what could make for an interesting pic, also using different lenses (macro, 50…) to try out new perspectives. My food cupboards are full, so maybe that’s another place to find photo objects and try to photograph them in an interesting way. I certainly got some inspiration from your pics!

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    • Hi Kiki, ah yes, a garden is a perfectly solution but unlikely here in the city centre. You’ve always been very innovative with indoor captures while I’m more accustomed to visiting places. Still, a lot of ordinary objects can become very interesting (the macro lens will really help!)

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