Travel treasures

Travel has ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. The UK lockdown has been extended and there is an ‘indefinite’ ban on non-essential trips.

In these strange times we can make virtual visits or look at our holiday snaps. The other day I hit upon another idea.

The shelves of my apartment are filled with items that are so familiar I don’t notice them. We’re talking about objects I’ve picked up on many overseas adventures over the years.

I decided to give them some love and had a photoshoot. Getting close to these keepsakes revived holiday memories. We all have souvenirs, some of them cherished. Now’s the time to dust them down.

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18 thoughts on “Travel treasures

  1. We have made a metal board in the computer room and have covered it with fridge magnets from our travel. Our Christmas tree looks like a travel ad with different ornaments from different places. Thanks for your post as it helps to look back and smile during the virus.

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    • Hi Cherryl, good to see you here. You’re absolutely right, they serve as little reminders and now is right time to revisit them. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t do usually. I hope you’re well and safe.


  2. A lovely summary of your recent travels, Mike! How did you choose which ones to photograph? I have an excuse for not dusting down my knick-knacks, as most of them are still in boxes! But this is a great idea, lovingly carried out! :)

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  3. Good idea, especially – as you said – we don’t notice the things we have around anymore at some point. Looking through your pics I was thinking about the items I bring home from my travels, but looking at them you’d never guess where they’re from, just as my travel pics of details very often don’t tell you where they’re taken :-)

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    • Oooh I feel a game coming on! I realise I often don’t give it away either. Our eyes must be drawn to the detail. If nothing else this is a good indoor photography exercise and really helped to rekindle some memories.

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  4. An eclectic collection of travel souvenirs. I’m lucky in a way having a small garden I can dig in the dirt and plant veg. That is when I can get some seeds :) Here everyone seems to be digging over the dirt and putting in a plot. I’m thinking seed packets are the latest ‘toilet paper’ !

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      • Not as many as you might suppose. I cut back savagely when I moved a bit over two years ago. Now it’s mainly photos (in books and as canvases). I’m a sucker for a good small local print when travelling :)

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