Colour therapy

Stocks (Matthiola Incana) are beautifully scented flowers which come in a variety of colours. In Victorian times, they symbolised lasting affection.

I was lucky enough to find a bunch on one of my shopping trips here in Manchester as the coronavirus pandemic lockdown continues.

Working with these delightful pastel shades and sturdy stems was a relaxing indoor macro photography project, my second after some creamy daffodils.

With my next floral outing, I’m looking for new ways to capture close-ups. Any ideas?…

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20 thoughts on “Colour therapy

  1. Hi Mike, Lovely series. Have you tried double exposures of flowers in camera, that’s if your camera allows that. One larger, next smaller or one still the next movement or both slight movement. I can do up to 9 exposures in camera which can give a very different look but not all cameras can do thia. Lots of fun to be had with movement shooting. Or with a zoom lens try zooming. A couple of ideas to try if you’re so inclined :)

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    • Hello, unfortunately WordPress doesn’t tell me who you are. Anyway, thank you for the ideas, they sound interesting and a little on the experimental side which is always an absorbing process. I’ve had some off focus moments (intentional!) I can overlay multiple exposures, something I’ve not done for ages. I’ll take those and run with them!


      • Oh, well done, Mike! Something weird happened when I posted my comment and now I can’t find this post on my stream. Funny goings on here!
        Thought of another one for you if you’re not too busy – freezing the flower or stem in a take away container and when frozen take it out and photograph the flower through the ice and as the ice melts. Gets wet and messy where ever you do it so best outside :)

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