Lockdown carnations

The lockdown is apparently making us creative. Loaves are being baked and music is being made online.

But I’ve been sticking to what I know and finding new ways to do it because my camera is staying indoors.

I bought two hefty sprays of carnations, a sturdy flower known for funeral tributes and old school wedding buttonholes. 

Instead of just doing some freehand macro photography, I set up my tripod, created some surfaces from what I could find and made the most of natural backdrops in my apartment. 

It was an enjoyable session and my models were well-behaved. And these beautiful, underrated, long-lasting flowers are still sitting in their vase.

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6 thoughts on “Lockdown carnations

  1. Those are really, reeeaaallly beautiful flowers! 😍 And they’re made even livlier because of your superb photography skills. Great post! <3


  2. I especially love the ones in the glasses. Like chrysanthemums, carnations are deemed funeral flowers here, and I always hate when people ask why I bought funeral flowers for my home… Both are pretty, long-lasting and – if you’re lucky – smell nice. They also can be arranged easily (in lovely glasses :-) ).

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    • Thanks Kiki! Yes, their longevity means they’re very good for funeral arrangements. This bunch are just starting to deteriorate but don’t all go at once! It was fun doing some still life stuff. The glasses are old plastic pots saved from pre-packed desserts!

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