Essaouira: Morocco’s seaside gem

I was lucky enough to visit Morocco in February, before the coronavirus pandemic brought international travel to an abrupt halt.

My trip took me to the country’s Atlantic coastline with its warm winter sunshine. I spent a day in the town of Essaouira, which I can strongly recommend.

The old town’s ramparts are perched next to the lively ocean, and it’s full of colourful, rustic little streets to explore. Essaouira is very blue, including the boats of the bustling fishing port (pungent but well worth a look). Hungry gulls circle in clusters looking for morsels. There’s also a broad strip of beach away from the medina.

I came here in 2011 as part of a grand tour of Morocco and was charmed by it then. My opinion hasn’t altered and I could have spent several days there, watching people and taking more photographs. Read more beneath the gallery

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I thought long and hard about publishing a travel blog in a world where tourism has been severely curtailed. 

Morocco is in lockdown until at least June 10th, while some European countries and airlines are planning to restart for the summer.

The UK’s ban on all but essential travel remains in place and a great deal remains uncertain. Essaouria and Morocco may be a consideration for your travel bucket list, whenever that may be possible.

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8 thoughts on “Essaouira: Morocco’s seaside gem

    • Hi Lydia, good to hear from you and I’m pleased you like the post and look of Essaouira – certainly to be recommended. I visited Marrakech back in 2011 in my pre-blogging days but not earlier this year. I must admit it wasn’t my favourite Moroccan stop but is a must-do if you’re heading to the country. I hope you’re able to reach there later in the year :)

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  1. That brings back some memories Mike. Spent a few days there a few years back on a brief tour around Morocco. I’d like to go back for a bit longer, firstly because it’s a fascinating place with some great photo opportunities (yours are great by the way) but also because I slipped over on the beach (trying to get photos of the sunset) which kind of curtailed my exploring somewhat.

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    • Hi Mark, aaah, so some good memories and not so good ones? Essaouria is a great place, less claustrophobic than some other Moroccan medinas. Definitely worth another shot when the time is right. I’m definitely erring on the side of staycation at the moment.

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    • Thank you very much, Charles. This city and Morocco is a place you’re really spoilt for choice as a photographer. Travel looks very uncertain now but it’s somewhere worth considering when the time is right.


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