Indoor dandelion

Common dandelions are loved for their bright yellow flowers and delicate clock seeds. Read more below

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I plucked a dandelion clock I found in a small wild patch of grass by my apartment block and carried it carefully indoors.

With stay at home orders still in force due to the coronavirus pandemic, this became another lockdown photography project.

For some days the dandelion clock was my model, from when it was plump and fluffy, to when seedlings were shedding everywhere.

This is a major feat of nature’s engineering and fascinating to study at close quarters. After the photoshoot I returned the seedlings to where they had grown and scattered them around.

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6 thoughts on “Indoor dandelion

  1. I love dandelions and photographing them but never thought of taking one home, I always think it’ll disperse on the way…
    Having said that, since having taken over lawn mowing duties in our garden, I don’t seem to be appreciating dandelions (or rather dandelion carpets…) as much as I used to :-D

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    • Ha! So they’ve become a gardener’s scourge?! Well they’re so tough and ingeniously propagate everywhere. Amazingly tough until they’re ready to spread, so my ‘model’ happily came indoors!


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