Five Manchester places you need to visit

Manchester. A large, cosmopolitan city in the north of England with a lot to offer. It’s always been popular with visitors (there are less of them in these unusual times) and the people that live here. Here’s five of the best spots you should definitely see. 

Mancunians: Please share your suggestions!


I’d be wrong not to start with my very own neighbourbood, just west of Manchester city centre. It’s set in the canal basin which is populated with colourful narrow boats and even has Roman ruins. Castlefield’s industrial heritage is now overlooked by the shiny new skyscrapers of ‘Manchattan’. It’s a popular spot with Mancunians, especially on hot summer days (yes, we do have them!) TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE

View of Castlefield and Beetham Tower, Manchester


This lofty building is situated in Manchester’s twin city of Salford. The Catholic cathedral is less visited than its Anglican counterpart which is in the centre of Manchester. Its stained glass east window is just remarkable. Restrictions on visiting are currently in place, so you should check before going. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE

The East Window of Salford Cathedral


An outside space in south Manchester with a beautiful rock garden, wooded walkways and its well-known pathway lined with very tall Lombardy Poplar trees. A relaxing place to wander around which seems far away from the hustle of the city. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE

Tree avenue at Fletcher Moss Park, Manchester


Here’s a waterfront location that’s been totally reimagined in recent decades. It’s now the home to a swathe of modern glass and steel buildings, not to mention Coronation Street, BBC North and The Imperial War Museum’s northern outlet. The area is also well served with bars and restaurants. My photography tip is to visit for the sunset and stay after dark for bright lights and stunning reflections. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE

Night view of Salford Quays


This beautiful piece of Victorian Gothic splendour is right in the heart of Manchester and instantly takes you from city bustle to quiet, hushed corridors. It’s one woman’s elaborate memorial to her late husband. It’s currently closed due to the pandemic, so check the website if you’d like to go. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO FIND OUT MORE

John Rylands library, Manchester

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4 thoughts on “Five Manchester places you need to visit

  1. Don’t you feel just the slightest bit mean to show us these gems now that we can’t travel?? ;-)
    I’ve been to Manchester often but have not seen any of these sites, sadly. Hopefully unhindered and save travel will be possible again next year…

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    • Ha! It’s something to save up for when the time is right, of course :) You should certainly pay a visit to Castlefield which is very close to the centre and is my stamping ground! Hopefully not before too long…

      Liked by 1 person

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