Manchester concrete

The Mancunian Way is a monumental slab of concrete that takes traffic around Manchester. Bizarrely, I spent a hot summer’s morning beneath its might. READ MORE BELOW

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I went to the Cambridge Street Junction, a large island which sits underneath the bulk of the elevated highway. It’s lined with trees and has a series of pedestrian underpasses enabling people to walk from the area of Hulme towards Manchester city centre.

These tunnels, plastered in graffiti, aren’t long but remind me of visiting London’s Elephant and Castle subway back in 2014. They’ve since ceased to exist, while these passageways show no signs of going away.

Even on a bright sunny day, this place feels desolate and unloved. There were just a handful of people making use of this vital connection and a few smashed booze bottles littering the area. It has a dark mood that’s absorbing to photograph, though I’m glad it wasn’t a dark night…

Manchester Metropolitan University's School of Business

This building, Manchester Metropolitan University’s School of Business, overlooks the concrete junction. With its sleek stripes of coloured glass, it’s a very modern contrast to the Mancunian Way, which was regarded as innovative and new back in 1967.

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