The January album

January 2021 promised so much, mainly because it wasn’t 2020. But the UK has been plunged into further lockdown restrictions to battle a more infectious strain of coronavirus.

A rapidly rising death toll and widespread closures in the middle of winter are doing nothing to bolster hope and good cheer.

I have remained close to home here in Manchester city centre. Going far isn’t an option, while overseas travel remains off the table.

Photographing snowy weather, park life, some of Manchester’s new architecture and indoor blooms have been the hallmarks of a cold, introspective and at times gloomy January. How has the start of 2021 been for you?

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11 thoughts on “The January album

  1. It’s all about making the most of what you can. Lockdown 2021 is different from Lockdown 2020 in that more thing were allowed and the it was winter rather than spring. Mental health is key to all of this, and doing what you can to make your home positive and welcoming is all you can do! Take good care, my friend.

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  2. Nice photo, very atmospheric and captures the public’s mood!

    If you’re feeling gloomy, check out my blog post. I wrote it in December when lockdown was new and I was fine with it. It’s getting a bit wearing now but hopefully this is the last peak we’ll have…the government is aiming to get everyone vaccinated by September at least. Perhaps we’ll have a “normal” Christmas this year!

    I had long Covid last year followed by an autoimmune condition, possibly as a result of Covid! The sooner we get it under control the better and we’re on the right track.

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  3. Great album, Mike! I especially like the Angels Square one. This is such a typical Mike architectural perspective that I admire but still haven’t got the hang of after all these years :-) .
    I’m constantly surprised by the rise of the virus infections in the UK despite the lockdown. Do people not adhere to the rules or how does it happen? Here in Germany we’ve been so good at sticking to the rules last year until summer; everything went downwards from there, too many reopenings allowed, too many events etc. Now we’re paying the price, and even though are lockdown doesn’t seem half as strict as yours in the UK, people grumble. We have an 8 pm curfew and are supposed to only leave home with “a good reason”. At the moment it feels like the worst is still to come.
    Photography-wise, my new routine is getting more boring by the day. Not living directly in the city, there’s nothing much interesting to capture around where I live, so maybe I should make photo outing to the city my “good reason” to visit ;-)

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    • Thanks Kiki, glad you like it though it’s an odd mix and shows the photographic riches are maybe a bit thin on the ground as we’re not going very far these days. Gosh, the million dollar question is why it’s been so bad here. I think some decisions were made too late while the current surge is down to the new variant that emerged. I still think the latest lockdown isn’t tough enough. Like you guys we had a ‘summer break’ when we relaxed way too much. One of these days we might be able to take an architectural walk – something to aim for!

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  4. Hi Mike, glad to see you are well even though in lockdown. When will it end? I’ve just done 14 days in Gov. Hotel Quarantine because I decided to chance it and go to Sydney for Xmas and got caught with Greater Sydney being declared a Hotspot and couldn’t get back into Qld unless I did the 14 days. Wasn’t too bad as I went prepared for it but glad to be home again. I feel for you with your cold dreary winter weather and hope that spring isn’t too far away. Hang in there, mate!

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    • Hi Lee, glad to hear you got through the quarantine. And that’s just for interstate travel! We should have been much tougher here, it’s only just being implemented for some international arrivals. This was a much gloomier post than intended!! Vaccination is the great white hope here although will take some time. 14 days stuck in a hotel must make you grateful for home :)


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