Little bits of Manchester

Living in a big city centre like Manchester during lockdown wasn’t always easy. I craved countryside and coast, even growing tired of the usual urban views here.

So on a series of walks with my camera, I stopped looking upwards and searched for details that you might take for granted.

Enjoy the fragments and if you know their locations and recognise them, that’s a little bonus!

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Link to mikeosbornphoto's Manchester photo shop

12 thoughts on “Little bits of Manchester

  1. I love how you’ve done the coloured lights in the Royal Exchange arcade picture. For some weird reason, the Unit 7 card shop in there – still going after all these years! – was considered a really cool place to go when I was a teenager. I have no idea why, because it only sells the same cards you get anywhere else, but it just was :-) .

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  2. I’ve not been to Manchesterford for a least 25 years, so I stand little chance in identifying the locations of these shots. However, it’s always amazing to see a photographer like yourself find beauty in the intimate, overlooked details. Thanks for sharing, Mike! :)

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  3. These look like most of the pictures I bring back from my travels – details of something that catches my eye but that other people looking at my pics often don’t get because you don’t actually see where I traveled to (unless you’ve been there yourself). Although I’ve been to Manchester many times, sadly I don’t recognise any of the details in your pics – guess I didn’t look closely enough when I was there…

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