Etihad Stadium

Manchester has a huge passion for football stoked by an intense rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United. I paid my first visit to the Etihad Stadium, home to City. CONTINUES BELOW

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Confession time: I’m not a football fan and never have been. It took me a while to appreciate why a failed plan to create a European Super League made headline news this week.

But the Etihad, built in 2002 to host the Commonwealth Games, is a landmark which arouses a lot of positive and negative passions.

The stadium, bereft of fans during the coronavirus lockdown, was very quiet. With my architectural hat on, I enjoyed its lofty struts and ‘tent pegs’ seemingly holding up the entire structure.

It’s on course to welcome fans back from mid-May and is a place meant to bristle with life and noise.

Finally, I learnt my lesson from a lively Facebook post on the topic. Never ask if the Etihad is better than Manchester United’s Old Trafford base!

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