Shugborough: A photographer’s paradise

A true getaway from Manchester, with a 90-minute drive to the rolling countryside of Staffordshire and a magnificent country estate.

Shugborough was the home of famous royal and society photographer Lord Patrick Lichfield, until his death in 2005.

This connection added an extra dimension to a day out exploring and photographing the vast estate, including its beautiful walled garden, fabulous follies and lavish interiors of the big house.

It was an absolute pleasure on a summer’s day. You should visit if you get the chance.

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8 thoughts on “Shugborough: A photographer’s paradise

  1. Great post and images. I’ve been there many times. It fell into disrepair and faded when the local council couldn’t finance its upkeep, but now the National Trust has re-established itself at the property it’s looking good again. I remember visiting it in the 1980s carrying my Olympus OM2 Spot-Program when the Earl came into the room we were walking through. He saw the camera and said, “I have one of them – it’s a great camera”, and carried on walking past. Cue my smug face. I think there is one of his OM2 SP’s on display with its power winder in the house. Now we can get around more I shall go back there again.

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    • Hi Clive, many thanks for getting in touch. I love your recollection of Lord Lichfield – wonderful. I sense he was quite a lad in his time. The estate is in fine fettle now and a pleasure to visit and capture, especially with his spirit not too far away. And plenty of space for keeping a distance :)


  2. Love your stately old estates and homes, think I’ve been to this one and loved the follies! Only the English do them so well :) Hope you are safe and well and didn’t go out celebrating on Freedom Day with the mingling masses. Cheers Lee

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    • Good to hear from you Lee. Ah you think you’ve been to this one? It’s pretty high up on the list. I’m still maintaining splendid isolation – no change there! Hope you’re not too affected by further Aus lockdowns.


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