Stockport: Discovering the Old Town

Stockport is just a short train ride away from Manchester but it’s taken me five years to explore the historical Old Town.

It’s bristling with beautiful architecture, from the imposing St Mary’s church, an elaborate Victorian glasshouse that houses an indoor market, to the magnificent Art Deco Plaza cinema and theatre. Come and take a look… READ MORE BELOW

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The old town is made to explore on foot, although be prepared for some steep stairways and uphill sections.

It’s now made for day trippers, with independent shops to explore and cafes to enjoy. Everyday outlets are all concentrated in the cheerlessly modern Merseyway mall which is best avoided.

You should also wander down to the area where you can visit Stockport’s air raid shelters and see the hat museum’s totemic chimney. There you’ll find the 1930s splendour of the Plaza and can glimpse the town’s impressive railway viaduct.

If you think Stockport is just the rail stop before Manchester, then think again. It was a pleasure to visit and I’ll be heading there again.

Stockport town centre sign

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