Five memorable day trips to beautiful places

A day trip is all about leaving your cares behind and enjoying some fresh air, visiting somewhere new in good company or by yourself. Here are five of my favourites – beautiful locations, photographically inspiring and memorable. Please tell me about your best days out in the comments section.


Location: Staffordshire, UK

An ancestral seat set in rolling countryside with a connection to the Royal family. With extensive grounds, beautiful gardens, wondrous follies and a stately home to wander around, this is the stuff days out are made of. And I visited on a landmark birthday! TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MORE

The drawing

You will enjoy lavish interiors at Shugborough


Location: Morocco

An unmissable day trip of you are lucky enough to visit Morocco when coronavirus restrictions allow. This colourful, vibrant city is situated next to the wild Atlantic Ocean and in easy reach of the tourist town of Agadir from where I made my visit. It would be easy to stay here longer. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MORE

Three elderly Moroccan men meet on a bench in Essaouira

People-watching are among Essaouira’s joys


Location: Greater Manchester, UK

This town is close to my Manchester home, but easily turned into a full day out. It’s architecturally beguiling and has an old centre which deserves a lot of exploration on foot. With added indoor attractions like the air raid shelters and hat museums, you’ve got a satisfying trip on your hands. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MORE

A view of Stockport's old market place

Stockport gives you a dose of Victorian grandeur


Location: Lancashire, UK

This has been a favourite day trip of mine since moving to north-west England in 2016. I like taking the train to the seaside town of St Anne’s and walking south, passing the pier, Lytham’s famous windmill and the wide open coast. Very good for the soul. TAP/CLICK IMAGE TO SEE MORE

Remains of the old pier at St Anne's, Lancashire

The Irish Sea is wide open along this coastline


Location: Iceland

This is an unmissable trip if you visit the otherworldly island of Iceland. It’s a glacial lake which you will probably get close to on a boat trip – and even taste some of the pure, ancient ice. The black beach nearby is strewn with glacial, diamond-like chunks. It’s one sight among many to see in Iceland. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE ICELANDIC LANDSCAPES

Glacial ice on Jokulsarlon in Iceland

This is not just any old lake

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