2021: Six of the most memorable photos

2021. It was marked by the peaks and troughs of Covid-19. It was the first full year that I didn’t travel abroad. But I explored closer to home and pressed on with my photography.

I’ve picked six memorable shots from the year and tell you why they’ve stayed with me. You can vote for your own favourite at the end of this post. Hello 2022, we’re looking at you…

Location: Heysham, Lancashire
Month: August

Beach scene at Heysham, Lancashire

This was a memorable day trip to Heysham on the Lancashire coast. Just two figures walk by the blue expanse of Morecambe Bay. The good weather and coastal scenery was a welcome break from the density of Manchester. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS

Location: St Anne’s, Lancashire
Month: April

Fairhaven lake sluice along Lancashire's Fylde Coast

This my first trip to the seaside in 15 months due to the pandemic. This shot combines my loves of coastal landscape and architecture, with a sluice for an inland lake taking centre stage during a walk along the Fylde Coast. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS

Location: Humber Estuary, East Yorkshire
Month: August

Angled view of the Humber Bridge from the shores of the river

Travel restrictions meant a staycation mini-break to Hull was on the cards. It also included a visit to the mighty Humber Bridge, a moment of real excitement for me. Being able to walk beneath the structure was a pleasant surprise. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS

Location: Alexandra Park, Manchester
Month: January

Walkers in a wintry Alexandra Park, Manchester

Alexandra Park is a popular place for walkers here in Manchester. A spell of wintry weather the other side of the Christmas period hit when a new wave of coronavirus was in full swing. A memorable time for maybe the wrong reasons. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS

Location: Stockport, Greater Manchester
Month: October

Sunset silhoutte of Stockport's Victorian railway viaduct

It was the end of a lovely day exploring Stockport’s old town, which didn’t fail to impress. Dusk was reaching in and the town’s magnificent railway viaduct and rooftops created a satisfying frame. Man-made and nature working together. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS

Location: Deansgate Square, Manchester
Month: June

Looking up at the skyscrapers of Deansgate Square, Manchester

A place very close to home that has regularly featured in my photographs, the skyscrapers of Deansgate Square in Manchester. A public terrace was opened this year, allowing me to lie back and capture them from this perspective. A reminder of warm summer weather. TAP/CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS

10 thoughts on “2021: Six of the most memorable photos

  1. “The Only Way Is Up” reminders me of my first encounter with New York Twin Towers, WTC buildings in August 1982.
    I was totally unprepared to just land to NYC and few hours later be led into my first personal city tour. So, I only had the funny 110 format automatic camera at the moment the similar perspective opened up to me. Yes, taking pictures would be quite more precise term for what I did. Perspective was ok, but technical aspect of the resulting photo was far below your excellent photo herein.
    Well done, Master Mike!

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