Chasing fog

We’re in the grip of winter in the UK, including thick fog which occasionally shrouds our cities and countryside.

I woke up to this one recent Sunday morning, quickly got dressed, grabbed my camera and went out into the cold.

It was swirling around the modern skyscrapers of my Manchester neighbourhood but seemed to be moving away with unexpected speed. But I could still see it creeping in the distance.

So I chased it over to our twin city of Salford, where it lay very deep by the Irwell river and an area called The Meadow. Wandering back into Manchester, I noticed the mist was having a second wave around the high rises.

Photographing the ghostly pall of fog isn’t always easy – have you tried? Please leave your comments below

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4 thoughts on “Chasing fog

  1. My favourite is “Sun, Steam, Fog” with the glint of the rising sun on the edge of the building.
    I’ve tried fog photography, went about very enthusiastically on a country walk but the results were quite disappointing. I’m too lazy to learn how to make the fog look good in editing, so these days I enjoy other people’s foggy pics instead of trying again 🙂

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