New Brighton: Back to the Mersey

The resort of New Brighton sits on the edge of the Wirral peninsula, next to the River Mersey estuary and across from the city of Liverpool. It’s a place worth revisiting. CONTINUES BELOW

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It’s nearly five years since my first visit to New Brighton on a cloudy day. My return was marked with a splendidly sunny winter’s day and clear blue skies.

The scenic attractions of this Victorian resort remain: Perch Rock lighthouse which is irresistible to photographers, the tall red cranes of Liverpool’s port across the Mersey and amazing views of the city.

After exploring the rich sands of the beach and enjoying those Liverpool vistas, I left the promenade and wandered to New Brighton’s Victoria Quarter, an area of shops and cafes painted in vibrant colours.

I then clambered up the hill to see the impressive cupola of Saints Peter, Paul and Philomena Catholic church for the first time – well worth the steep incline.

This was a return trip to enjoy the coast and discover a little more about New Brighton. If you ever get the chance, make a stop here.

New Brighton lighthouse and red cranes of Liverpool portLink to mikeosbornphoto's shop

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