Clitheroe: A castle and sausages

Clitheroe is an ancient Lancashire town with a castle, great views – and famous sausages. I visited recently armed with my camera. CONTINUES BELOW

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It took me around an hour by train to reach Clitheroe from Manchester, which sits at the heart of Lancashire’s picturesque Ribble Valley.

The town is dominated by its compact castle keep, and climbing up there will reward you with good views of the surrounding countryside, and also well-kept grounds to amble around.

Clitheroe is a decent size to explore on foot and I even took the time to find a ginnel – a Lancashire alleyway at the back of houses – and a typical line of terraces.

You have to pay a visit to Cowmans, a well-known sausage seller with a bewildering array of varieties. That was tea sorted for a few nights!

View of church and factory smoke in Clitheroe, Lancashire

Clitheroe’s cement factory emits a plume of smoke over the town

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