London: A fleeting return

I lived in London for 16 years before heading north to Manchester. The first four years of this blog detailed places around the capital. 

I found myself back in London recently on a very brief stopover. But long enough to ride the Elizabeth Line, the newest artery of London’s Tube network. 

On the way I looked up and captured some new architecture above ground.

Have you been on the Elizabeth Line? Tell me what you thought in the comment section below.

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8 thoughts on “London: A fleeting return

  1. Great photos Mike, I’ve taken the E line on my last couple of trips to London, quite a stark contrast with the Bakerloo or Northern lines. I also took a(nother) look at your photos of the Aldwych station and wonder if visits still occur. Many happy memories of that location from my time at King’s.

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    • Glad you like them, Andy, thanks! It was a very brief visit so I did a few central Betty Line stations. Then went on the Piccadilly line which felt Third World in comparison! I think Aldwych still hosts visits – that seems so long ago now!


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