Wirral at high tide

November in the UK can be dank and turgid. When a day of bright blue skies was forecast, I booked a train to the Wirral, one of my favourite coastal spots. Enjoy the photos and read more below

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West Kirby is the last stop on the Wirral shuttle from Liverpool. It boasts a large marine lake, islands in the estuary and acres of sky.

But this day was different from previous visits. The tide swell was unusually high, filling the Dee estuary next to the peninsula.

Nearby Caldy Beach was underwater so I took the cliff path and enjoyed the views and winter sunshine.

After I headed back to West Kirby, the pathway which rings the Marine Lake was resurfacing. But my walk resulted in a pair of wet shoes and sodden socks!

Since that day Manchester has been cloaked in a blanket of dense cloud and is feeling truly wintry. Maybe some cheery, warm Christmas lights will provide respite from the gloom.

Boats on the Dee Estuary between Wales and the Wirral peninsula

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