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The last sunshine

The last sunshineThis photograph marks a break from the bold colours and staggering light of Fuerteventura. The scene is back in the softer light of Essex in the UK, where summer is struggling to take hold.

But it’s late evening and the last vestiges of sunlight reach into this verdant corner, catching some insects in its rays. This small graveyard belongs to the Quaker church in Maldon and is at the back of my mother’s home.

I noticed this looking out of the window and was struck by its tranquility and stillness – apart from the fluttering insects playfully absorbing the warmth.

The composition hinges on the right of the frame, while the dark, lush vegetation of this rarely touched corner creates a good contrast with the sunshine. I think it sums up the mood I felt with this scene.

Centre of attention

On Easter Monday I took a walk in the biting, wintry wind. At least the sun occasionally revealed itself.

I was in Maldon, Essex and went down to the riverside where I’ve been with my camera numerous times. My task was to seek out miniscule, ordinary details and capture them with depth and precise focusing.

The deserted pub garden. A small chain and some rope next to the assembled boats. A simple road sign and the texture of some walls. There was also a lively market taking place which provided further fodder for my lens. The smaller things matter and can provide unexpected sources of aesthetic pleasure.

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The remains of the day

Another weekend was spent in the Essex riverside town of Maldon for a family celebration. I always walk down to the edge of the Blackwater, camera in hand. The landscape and light are always different from the last time.

The afternoon was marching on, and the sun was ebbing away in the distance with a pleasing amount of fire, silhouetting the mature trees of Promenade Park.

Tree skyscape

After this shot, I swung my camera in the opposite direction, at the river, the many boats and tall rigging. While the sunset was dramatic and fiery, the Blackwater was crisp, calm, blue and swallowing the final light of the day. It could be another place, a different time…

Blackwater at dusk

The feathered on film

I’m no wildlife photographer. For a start, it’s pretty thin on the ground here in west London and it isn’t one of my favourite photographic subjects.

But from time to time, birds make their way into a frame – and some are quite captivating. For me, it’s mostly the gulls along the Thames along with the odd cormorant with its wings outstretched, and the wild fowl that inhabit my home town of Maldon in Essex.

Of course I can’t forget the majestic swan bobbing along in the city parks and rivers where I find myself with camera in hand. In this set there is a gull looking out to sea in Redcliffe, a coastal suburb of Brisbane in Australia. It’s the one bird capture which had human essence…

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Gold on mud

The sun was lowering and the tide out on an evening by Maldon’s River Blackwater in Essex. The waterway is notoriously muddy at low tide, and the town is famous for its annual mud race – a messy and sticky event.

But there were very few people around on this occasion, and I was able to walk down the ramp from the bank to take this shot. Just a couple of birds sit calm by the distant water, while the sunlight catches golden flecks across the layers of mud. A combination of factors to make a beautiful sight.

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