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A bunch of flowers

A second lockdown and five different types of blooms. Time for some indoor photography. READ MORE BELOW

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England’s second national lockdown has seen closures in an effort to keep people at home and curb the spread of coronavirus.

The M&S Foodhall here in Manchester – an essential store and still open – has a ‘pick and mix’ floral selection for creating your own bouquet at home.

I broke the rules and chose four varieties for their colours and interesting structures, perfect for macro shots.

Indigo Veronica stalks, cushions of yellow Goldenrod, fluffy Umbellifer and dramatic Sea Holly. Standalone beauties!

Miniature chrysanthemums

I also bought miniature chrysanthemums. Tap/click image for more flower photos

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Autumn sunflowers

A summer field filled with bright yellow sunflowers is a glorious sight. But what is it like when the colour has faded and the season shifted? READ MORE BELOW

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I visited this Cheshire field beyond the fringes of Greater Manchester on our final summery September day. It belongs to Little Heath Farm who encouraged visitors to come and enjoy the sunflowers and take photographs in the uncertainty of a pandemic.

The field is now maturing and the carpet of yellow has faded. The flower heads are heavy with seeds and drying out. It’s a picture of natural progression and the cycle of life, full of textures and more muted colours.

The sunflowers may have aged but they remain a thing of beauty.

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The beauty of decay

Do you think that beauty is exclusively the preserve of youth and vitality? CONTINUE READING BELOW

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I always have fresh flowers in the house and recently bought a lovely spray of roses. Of course cut flowers fade sooner or later and are discarded, to be replaced with a new arrangement.

But this time I held on to the roses as they began to wither away. Fellow blogger and Australian photographer Lee Cleland suggested drying some blooms and capturing them – an excellent idea.

The vibrancy of flowers fresh from the florist is replaced by a darker mood and the sense of impending death.

But the beauty isn’t diminished by degradation. In fact I think the creative rewards and interest are enhanced. How about you?

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Beautiful Triffids

I bought two bunches of these popular wedding flowers for the first time and wasn’t impressed. Read more below

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The stalks of my Freesias seemed too tall and spindly, with the blooms perched on top like Triffids. And I was none too keen on their pungent fragrance.

It wasn’t until I photographed these flowers at close quarters that I appreciated their beauty, with delicate mauve and robust pastel pink and yellow petals.

By using a variety of backgrounds, these specimens became photogenic and versatile. I wonder what’s next in my ongoing indoor floral project?

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