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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the recant of our journey through Georgia and Armenia.
    A very nice twist on the photos…love it.
    I was wondering if I might use the wedding one…only for private, got got several shots of that day but that really give it a different element.
    I had 5 weeks in Iran after I left you all headed for Azerbaijan and then it was back to work for me so not much focus on the past few months but with Christmas just around the corner I look forward to visiting my digital memories.

    Have a wonderful Festive Season and many more enjoyable travels. Just in the throws of locking in my next one through the 5 Stans.

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    • Hi Ian, good to hear from you and glad you enjoyed the photos. Still more to come in the shape of Georgia.

      Sure, feel free to make use of the wedding shot, my pleasure to help out.

      Ah the Stans will be great although I must admit I’m less sure about heading there now. After Chile I have Namibia and the Cape – a lot of southern hemisphere to escape our winter!

      Have a great Christmas down there and would like to see your Caucasian photo productions some time.


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