Colour therapy

Stocks (Matthiola Incana) are beautifully scented flowers which come in a variety of colours. In Victorian times, they symbolised lasting affection.

I was lucky enough to find a bunch on one of my shopping trips here in Manchester as the coronavirus pandemic lockdown continues.

Working with these delightful pastel shades and sturdy stems was a relaxing indoor macro photography project, my second after some creamy daffodils.

With my next floral outing, I’m looking for new ways to capture close-ups. Any ideas?…

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Travel treasures

Travel has ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic. The UK lockdown has been extended and there is an ‘indefinite’ ban on non-essential trips.

In these strange times we can make virtual visits or look at our holiday snaps. The other day I hit upon another idea.

The shelves of my apartment are filled with items that are so familiar I don’t notice them. We’re talking about objects I’ve picked up on many overseas adventures over the years.

I decided to give them some love and had a photoshoot. Getting close to these keepsakes revived holiday memories. We all have souvenirs, some of them cherished. Now’s the time to dust them down.

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Easter. Symbolised by rabbits, chocolate eggs and newborn lambs. 

This is about one of the flowers of the Spring, the daffodil or narcissus, abundant at this time of year.

I brought two bunches of daffodils home, with tall stems and large, buttery heads. They quickly burst into full bloom but didn’t last too long.

This was an enjoyable indoor photography project for the lockdown and allows these flowers to live on.

It’s a highly unusual Easter weekend here in the UK as the pandemic continues. Wherever you are, stay safe and well.

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Manchester steel

My camera stays at home during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, but here’s a photo walk I took before the restrictions.

There’s no shortage of new glass and steel buildings in Manchester and I love photographing them.

Deansgate Square is a cluster of high rises that dominates my low-rise canal basin neighbourhood of Castlefield. 

If you cross the usually busy Mancunian Way into neighbouring Hulme, there’s the outstanding Brooks Building on Manchester Metropolitan University’s campus. It’s a latticework that catches the light and has countless angles. Modern marvel or a blot on the landscape?…

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