Beautiful remembrance

Life’s very sad occasions are marked with beautiful floral tributes.

Instead of leaving them behind, I brought these flowers back to my home. They were fresh, vibrant and reflected a life of enormous personal significance.

Keeping them was an act of remembrance. Photographing them was a pleasure and source of comfort.

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Shades of white

On the rare occasions that flowers come into my possession, I want to make them last beyond their fragile lifespan. 

This beautiful spray of white tulips marked an occasion of great sadness, but it was a great joy to photograph them in all their delicacy.

An act of remembrance in many ways.

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Prowl along the canal

A dark winter evening walk along Manchester’s canal paths is not for everyone. It can be desolate, dingy and a little unnerving.

But I went with my camera to capture some of the urban canalside atmosphere. I left my tripod behind and relied on slow exposure speeds and the pools of man-made light.

At times it was just too dark, but there was still a lot to see… apart from many other human souls.

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Manchester power

A walk around Sale Water Park in south Manchester can be a riverside stroll and even offers a spot of birdwatching.

But this was a quest to get close to a series of electricity pylons and a substation in the area. Many will say these features blight the countryside, but there is something strangely alluring about this imposing, dystopian architecture.

They’re pretty hot to photograph too…

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Handsome Halifax

This is another trip across the Pennines from Manchester, to the West Yorkshire town of Halifax.

The main attraction was The Piece Hall, a grand cloth trading building recently restored as a place to shop and pass the time. 

It’s a magnificent piece of architecture, now with a modern piazza at its heart. My rain-speckled visit also took in the beautiful cathedral – and even a wonderful town centre Art Deco elephant. Handsome place, well worth seeing.

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