Twin city shots

The cities of Manchester and Salford are so close, but retain distinct identities.

I live on the Manchester side of the great divide and work in Salford. But crossing between the two is an easy feat.

I’ve explored both with my camera recently, and here’s just a taster of what I saw…

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Meet the neighbours

Canada geese rule Manchester’s waterways. There is a healthy population patrolling the canal next to my Castlefield home close to the city centre.

Some residents complain about their noise and mess. Others think they’re bold, beautiful birds and part of the landscape.

Varying shades of light and the water make them arresting subjects to photograph…

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Wild northern dunes

This was an escape from Manchester to the Merseyside coast.

Formby isn’t your usual jolly seaside resort, but a haven of tall sand dunes, gnarled pine trees and a broad stretch of beach. 

Wind turbines stand tall out to sea and the mighty city of Liverpool is in view.

It’s a place to clamber, walk and inhale the bracing air – not to mention capture in photographs.

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Manchester high skies

This is one of my favourite photographic compositions. Tall buildings, big skies and camera pointing aloft. Big and minimal combined.

One day Salford Quays was drenched in a blue canopy, the next day Manchester was leaden and grey. But their new buildings looked equally striking under varying April weather.

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Big little island

I recently went to the southern Mediterranean to capture some much-needed sunshine.

The small island of Gozo is part of Malta and packs in rugged coastline, undulating countryside and delightful old towns.

I stayed by the sea at Xlendi and cycled around the island with my camera on my back. Here’s just some of my journey…

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