Island daydreaming

Island daydreaming

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The hotel poolside on holiday is for swimming, sunbathing, relaxing, reading… showing off and trying to cover up. I become restless and like to experiment with my camera. 

This trio of frames capture the colours and textures of the pool and beyond – the first image rolls the layers of sky, sea, beach and pool’s edge into one. I used my macro lens and fooled it into creating the abstract, hazy sense of relaxing by the water’s edge.

They are an homage to photographic artist Mariko Evans, whose enduring trademark is the dreamy, artful frame.

Time for a dip

Poolside haze

Gallery entrance

Cape Verde gold

A temporary silence descended while I went away for some rest, relaxation – and of course to gather the rich photographic rewards of a new place.

I went to the little island of Boa Vista, the easternmost of the Cape Verde islands which are scattered off the Atlantic coast of West Africa.

We start at the end of the day, on a beach for golden hour and then sunset. This was the best one, a tropical show by the strong currents of the sea. It was that moment of the holiday where my mind cleared of everything else.

One to savour.

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Sunset panorama

The Photo Shop

Space age images

This is a set of abstracts that could have been taken on another planet. They’re alien, strange and hard to fathom, filled with cosmic light and unlikely shapes.

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Gallery entranceBut there’s a more earthly explanation for these images. They were taken inside the Roca Gallery in London, an intriguing space age building designed by the architectural practice of Zaha Hadid, the doyenne of graceful, cutting edge design including the fabulous Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park.

And here’s the irony – it’s actually a glorified bathroom showroom. Well worth a look even if you have no intention of buying some lovely new taps or porcelain bowl.


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