Behind closed doors

Number 15

A smart door in the heart of central London. There’s a sheen on the black paint, though a little chipped next to the lock. We only know the house number, but nothing of what goes on inside, or who lives there. The old frosted glass adds to the veil of secrecy.

This doorway, meanwhile, screams the name of the house in large, bold letters. Titian House. But the dark door beneath is firmly shut and gives away nothing either. My photographic obsession with windows extends to doorways… who else wants to know what goes on behind closed doors?

Titian House

Byzantine brilliance

Fitzrovia mosaicThis is a place tucked away in a corner of central London. It would be very easy to walk straight by and remain oblivious to its existence.

The Fitzrovia Chapel has just opened to the public for the first time since a major restoration. It was designed in 1891 and used to sit in the grounds of the Middlesex Hospital. While that complex closed and was demolished, the chapel remained intact and is now surrounded by the tall, angular structures of a contemporary redevelopment.

Resplendent in gold leaf, mosaic work and marble, this relatively small building is more of a nod to the opulence of the Byzantine Empire. Its soaring roof space is a thing of wonder. If you’re ever wandering around London, track it down and pay a visit. And don’t forget to bring your camera.

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Less is more

Bike rides and herring

As the London autumn seeps in, this final set of photographs from Sweden becomes a memoir of the Scandinavian summer. We took two day trips outside Stockholm, to Gripsholm Castle and the island of Uto in Stockholm’s archipelago.

This is a snapshot of quiet little beaches and country lanes on the island, and a royal retreat surrounded by manicured grounds and lapping waters. And yes, this was Sweden – there were bicycles to ride and pickled herring to feast upon.

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