Salvaged shots

Some photographs slip between the cracks. Some of them are overlooked, seemingly superfluous to requirements, or simply don’t fit neatly into any post. Some of them deserve to be scooped up and given an airing.

This collection is a rescued rag-tag. It brings together moments of architectural discovery, traipsing around London and elsewhere, while my visit to the Cape Verde islands comes up again, including a visit to the gnarled hulk of the wrecked Santa Maria.

These are disparate moments from my photographic journey which I hope you’ll enjoy.

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W5 walk

Walpole Park sign

This is the snapshot of a walk around a London park. Not one of the large showcases like Hyde or Regent’s Park, but a smaller green space in Ealing, a westerly suburb of the capital. 

Walpole Park was once the grounds of a manor house, which still stands and is now a gallery. Its former gardens are elegantly planted with mature avenues of trees.

At its heart is a stately water feature, complete with a fountain that gushes occasionally, leaving darkened ripples in its wake. 

A much more modern addition is a magnetic sculpture which catches coins and seems to fascinate visitors of all ages – including us. On a sharply sunny morning, this was a memorable winter jaunt.

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Moon over Shepherds Bush

Moon over Shepherds Bush

A dark night outside our window. The frame is dominated by the silhouettes of neighbourhood trees and an aerial on a rooftop. But the slender crescent of the moon with its delicate luminescence takes centre stage, poised in a dark blue sky.

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Hello Instagram


Seemingly several decades after everyone else, I have decided to join photo streaming site Instagram. The idea of fast photography and immediate uploads never appealed – until I realised that high quality and considered work is also widely being showcased on the service. I’ve started a stream from scratch using shots that are already banked and can conveniently do this anywhere using my smartphone.

I’d like to connect with any of you who also use Instagram. Click on the image above to visit my new feed and join me – I would very much like to see your collection of Instasquares.

And what do you do on Instagram? Does it make you look at your work in a different light? Or do you think it’s a waste of effort?…


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