Summer grasses

Wind in the grassA glimpse of hot summer days and baking sunshine. Everyone has a memory of these grasses – they’re the ones you can pluck and throw as darts. They stick in hair and clothing. We’ve all done it. In a corner of west London they catch the wind and look gloriously green. Some simply lie on the tarmac, spent and useless. A simple part of nature which appears lush and complex when subjected to the camera lens.

Tarmac darts

The green grasses
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Yellow hot

I’m a lucky Londoner, enjoying a commute to work that is a mere 15-minute walk. It takes me through an area of the White City estate, a housing area that has seen better days. I have the space for observation on my walk, and noticed a waste area has been landscaped and planted out.

At the moment it’s bursting with a patch of yellow Kniphofia – a striking plant also known as Red Hot Pokers. I had to stop off and capture this sight using my 60mm macro lens – a natural flash of inner city colour.

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Dearly departed

Place of restAs the old saying goes, you’re a long time dead. You could do a lot worse than spending your eternity of rest in Brompton Cemetery, a captivating place to visit in the heart of west London.

Opened in 1840, this large plot is adorned with the grandeur of Victorian architecture, from a domed chapel to parallel sets of stone porticoes. Around the edges of this order are reams of wonderfully overgrown gravestones, transforming a place of solemnity into one bursting with the life of nature.

The cemetery still has space and around two burials a week take place there. Worth bearing in mind, but for the moment I’d prefer to enjoy walking around with my camera in the here and now…

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Grand portico


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