Farewell to London

After living in London for more than 16 years, it’s time to say goodbye. I’m heading north to Manchester for fresh challenges and a whole new hinterland for photography.

I’ve been looking back over thousands of photographs taken in this city over the past five years, meaning much of my time here is locked in memories. This tiny fraction of images touches upon London’s scale and grand architecture – and places I’ve spent many hours in or passed by so many times. A goodbye here is a hello elsewhere – see you again soon from pastures new.

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Summer skylights

This is a taste of summer life living in a roof space. A sky of solid blue is captured in the tilted windows, and in a variety of hues. Metal and wooden layers encase its cloudlessness. This collection of layered captures have something pure and exhilarating in their abstract neatness.

And there’s also another favourite view from the other side of the roof space, where summer sundowns impress on many an evening. I won’t be in this place for much longer, while summer will inevitably slide into autumn. Best enjoy it while it lasts…

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A very British resort

Take an English seaside town on a holiday weekend. The gods are smiling and the sun is shining. In fact, it’s blazing hot. Broadstairs on the Kent coast has all the traditional elements – commanding Victorian buildings, sandy bays filled with deck chairs and windbreaks, a plethora of beach huts. Throw in a fish and chip lunch at a pub, an ice-cream sundae at an old-fashioned cafe and a touch of sunburn, and you have a day of memories. It was the same for the throngs who joined us that day, bringing so many people into this pen portrait of British life by the sea.

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Little bits of…

I really like to seek out details to photograph, often more than the bigger picture and grand vistas. They can be tucked away doorways, windows that are so familiar they’re ignored. I’ve visited a number of places with my camera, and have looked back over my photo archive for some of those smaller, more ordinary items. It’s anything from a line of washing on the roof of a bland building in Cape Verde to a neat beach hut on the East Anglian coast. Enjoy the significance of these little bits…

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Gallery entrance

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