15 beautiful views to take you higher

Another coronavirus lockdown has made the world shrink again. In Manchester city centre I’m surrounded by buildings and take only familiar urban walks. 

Are you also yearning for open spaces? How about clambering up hills to enjoy impressive views? Here are 15 memorable vistas I’ve collected on my travels. Let’s hope it’s easier to enjoy them again before too long.

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Manchester towers

I live in the shadow of Deansgate Square in Manchester, and it’s hard to ignore this quartet of skyscrapers. READ MORE BELOW

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I’ve watched these buildings slowly rise in the last few years, and now the South Tower is Manchester’s tallest, surpassing 1990s skyscraper Beetham Tower.

Deansgate Square can be seen across the city and beyond, spawning the terms Manctopia and Manchattan – the rapid development of a glitzy, high rise future for Manchester.

I see these buildings every day and have photographed them more and more while staying at home during the pandemic.

They catch different lights, reflect the sky and mirror the seasons. They’re not to everyone’s taste but I find them a source of constant interest and a firm fixture of the neighbourhood.

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Christmas in Manchester

Christmas may be a smaller celebration in 2020, but it hasn’t stopped Manchester putting on its finest illuminations, bringing bling and bokeh to the city. READ MORE BELOW

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I chose a dry, mild evening to walk a large circuit around Manchester city centre, stopping often to capture the lights.

There’s restaurant The Ivy’s declaration of love to the city, which has become an Instagram hit.

But my favourite is the cathedral tree which is a glittering frame with not a pine needle in sight.

The scourge of Covid is on the rise again and this Christmas is like no other. No matter how you’re spending it this year, have a safe and happy one.

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Manchester sunsets

Do you prefer watching sunsets on a tropical beach or on a cold winter’s afternoon?

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The tropics every time? Well here in Manchester dusk can be spectacular and seems more intense in the winter months.

These two sunsets were captured from the Deansgate-Castlefield walkway next to the tram lines, close to my home.

The area’s new high rises, a confusion of tram wires and rooftop silhouettes add more to Manchester sunset photos.

What do you think? Would you still prefer that warm beach?

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