There is a nub of land which juts into the River Thames. It’s a hive of modern development and activity, with sleek housing blocks, a lofty cable car and a landmark music and entertainment venue – the O2 Arena. A recent river walk took me to North Greenwich, and here are four images from this remarkable piece the capital’s territory.

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Silver spike

Modern chequers

Grown-up Meccano

Crazy paving portholes

Gallery entrance

The Duke’s backyard

This is a magnificent garden tucked between the suburban sprawl of London and one of the world’s busiest airports, Heathrow. It is Syon Park, part of the Duke of Northumberland’s estate, also consisting of a sturdy and impressive stately pile – not to mention a fantastic ‘greenhouse’.

It was a partially sunny day drilled by a cold wind with the threat of rain. But these are beautiful grounds to capture, from the magnificence of the Giant Rhubarb at the water’s edge, to a whole host of flowering plants and natural details. Apart from the older couple seated and enjoying the peace and quiet, I had the run of this London gem.

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Urban waters

The first truly shimmering day of the year prompted a trip to the east of London to enjoy a stretch of the city’s waterways. This walk took us from Angel to Limehouse Basin along Regent’s Canal, taking in modern buildings, industrial tumbledown and a good sprinkling of narrowboats. We also stopped off at Victoria Park, a green oasis along the route.

I set myself the photographic task of spotting small details and minimalist lines on the walk, although both water and the urban landscape of the canal crept into the frame too. It’s an interesting spot and one worthy of a return visit or two – there is plenty to see and capture.

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Regent's Canal, Hackney

Gallery entrance

Glass cathedral

Syon Park is the London home of the Duke of Northumberland. And such a grand estate needs a fitting greenhouse. Well, this is called the Grand Conservatory and is an impressively elegant glasshouse, with a smattering of tropical plants and a magical setting for a wedding reception.

I was in my element with this building, with its layers of glass, architectural lines and symmetry – all topped off with a cathedral-like dome. There were few other visitors, so I could even lie flat on the ground to capture its height. A glasshouse fit for the aristocracy, a photographer’s delight.

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