Shingle spit

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I thought it was a lifeguard, peering out to sea. But no, it was a man with his camera standing on a lofty vantage point. He beat me to it.

This is Zlatni Rat on the island of Brac on Croatia’s beautiful Adriatic coastline. It’s this amazing spit of land made up of shingle, and has become a popular spot for Croatians and overseas visitors to Dalmatia. You approach it from the small town of Bol via a broad pine-clad avenue. The sea shimmers a myriad of blues and sailing boats bob gently on the water. 

Like many places around this country, it’s well worth a visit. Here are just a few more Zlatni Rat moments…

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Little bits of Croatia

Croatia is a stunningly attractive country, with a long coastline along the Adriatic Sea. When the waters and the sky are blue, it’s undoubtedly a magnificent sight. But exploring the towns and islands of the south, there is more to see.

The buildings sometimes have a faded grandeur, while lines of washing hang proudly in the sleepy back streets and signs point to little tavernas. The markets are always groaning with fresh local produce, bringing colour to the old stones of Dalmatia.

This is just a small collection of the details I found in enticing places including Korcula and Makarska. If you haven’t already visited Croatia, you simply must.

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The orchid show

This was an unexpected bonus of a Sunday afternoon visit to Tatton Park, a Cheshire stately home and grounds. One of its buildings was crammed with the delicious fragrance and stunning colours of orchids. They came in all beguilingly delicate varieties, almost overwhelming the space. I swiftly shifted to my 60mm macro and tried to make the best of a tricky subdued light… 

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Dalmatian blue

Finally, after many years of good intention, I have visited Croatia. This Adriatic country, blessed with a rugged coastline and peppered with islands, is best travelled on a small cruise ship. That’s exactly how I took in southern Dalmatia, from the spectacular city of Dubrovnik to its sleepy little ports. 

Croatia is truly photogenic, and with its calm seas and early summer skies, blue is abundant. For the first delve into my photo album, I’ve picked out my favourite notes of blue from a memorable trip. It’s a place you should add to your wish list if you haven’t already done so.

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New Manchester

I’ve had my first true taste of summer since moving to Manchester last September. Crowds of sun-hungry people have flocked to the waterways, green spaces and al fresco bars of Castlefield.

With a city draped in piercing blue skies, I turned my camera to the city’s growing crop of contemporary tall buildings – hulks of steel and glass that glint in this light. 

This left out the slender Beetham Tower, Manchester’s tallest building which has enthralled me for months. The colour palette for these shots is overwhelmingly blue, which turns dramatic and even menacing in monochrome.

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