Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge, which connects East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, is the UK’s longest single-span suspension bridge. It’s a man-made thing of beauty and wonder.

I was lucky enough to visit on a little staycation to the nearby city of Hull. You can trudge along the Humber shore for fantastic views, even walk underneath this colossal but graceful structure.

It was a quick pitstop graced by wonderful skies. I’m told the bridge looks different every time – a reason to return with my camera!

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Bodnant Garden: Wonder of Wales

It’s a short distance from Manchester to the border with Wales. Travel along the country’s north coast and you’ll come to the delight that is Bodnant Garden. READ MORE BELOW

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This property, now cared for by the National Trust, is a magnificent place to wile away your time.

It’s packed with plants in a variety of settings from lush riversides to formal gardens.

Bodnant’s crowning glory has to be the Pin Mill, a handsome building next to a long lilypond. Wales’ answer to the Taj Mahal?

A lot of staycationers from nearby seaside resort Llandudno visit here, so come early to avoid the crowds. A beautiful spot to have largely to yourself!

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Hull: City of contrasts

In this age of staycations, I left Manchester for a few days and crossed northern England to visit the East Yorkshire city of Hull. CONTINUES BELOW

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Hull sits on the Humber estuary and has an interesting mix of grand civic buildings, industrial facilities and modern architecture.

The city has suffered from a shady reputation over the years but I found it both impressive and having plenty worthy of exploration.

The marina area has been extensively restored and Humber Street is an excellent spot for eating out. And with its independent telephone company, Hull is famed for its cream phone boxes.

The city also has a rural and coastal hinterland to visit – more on that in future posts.

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Manchester oasis

Walkden Gardens is a beautiful little place tucked away near Sale, a suburban area of south Manchester.

I visited for the first time on a hot day and was struck by the peace, quiet and cool little corners.

It’s a relatively small plot, criss-crossed with hedges and pathways which make it feel like a maze. I ran into someone who was lost and asked where the entrance was!

The gardens are understated but peppered with delightful blooms, while the dovecote and pergola walk are special features. Enjoy this little tour…

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