Salford postcards

The new city, new life theme continues. Salford Quays – my home for now – is bristling with photographic riches. There is high-rise architecture that has sprung up in the last decade or so, waterways that have been here a lot longer, and the blazing yellow of the Metrolink trams that connect this area with the rest of Manchester. And just recently, a series of blistering sunsets. Enjoy these postcards…

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Night on the quays

Welcome to Manchester. Here are the first photographs from my new home city. I’m living (at least for now) on Salford Quays, an old industrial area reclaimed for the 21st century and now bristling with media outlets including the BBC, high-rise residences and amenities.

The area’s waterways and gracefully illuminated bridges make this an excellent place to take both camera and tripod out for a spin after dark. It’s quiet enough to go about your photography unimpeded, while the evenings are mild – at least for now.

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Gallery entrance

Farewell to London

After living in London for more than 16 years, it’s time to say goodbye. I’m heading north to Manchester for fresh challenges and a whole new hinterland for photography.

I’ve been looking back over thousands of photographs taken in this city over the past five years, meaning much of my time here is locked in memories. This tiny fraction of images touches upon London’s scale and grand architecture – and places I’ve spent many hours in or passed by so many times. A goodbye here is a hello elsewhere – see you again soon from pastures new.

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Summer skylights

This is a taste of summer life living in a roof space. A sky of solid blue is captured in the tilted windows, and in a variety of hues. Metal and wooden layers encase its cloudlessness. This collection of layered captures have something pure and exhilarating in their abstract neatness.

And there’s also another favourite view from the other side of the roof space, where summer sundowns impress on many an evening. I won’t be in this place for much longer, while summer will inevitably slide into autumn. Best enjoy it while it lasts…

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