Manchester’s tall boy

This slender chisel of a skyscraper dominates the Manchester skyline. It’s the city’s tallest building, a relative newcomer to the scene. The Beetham Tower is a constant reference point in my new home, perfectly framed in the living room window, steely during the day and twinkling with lights after dark. The temptation to photograph this architectural creation from a hundred angles is hard to resist…

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Gallery entrance

My night view

basin-viewThis is my new perspective on the world. Welcome to the neighbourhood of Castlefield,  a short hop away from Manchester city centre. My balcony after dark takes in the arched pedestrian bridge which links both sides of the Bridgewater canal. The lights of bars and buildings opposite glow brightly. And above, a tram breezes along the viaduct. The skyscape is dominated by the city’s tallest building, the Beetham Tower, peppered with the lights of both the Hilton Hotel and loftily perched residential dwellings above.

It was a freezing, frosty night. Even a trip out onto the balcony was a chilly stretch…



Cathedral of books

This imposing building in the Deansgate area of central Manchester is the colour of dirty caramel. It sounds unprepossessing, but stands out among the sharp contemporary glass of its modern neighbours. But you have to venture inside the John Rylands Library to be truly impressed.

It was opened in 1900 as a memorial to Rylands by his wife, and its Gothic splendour is more in keeping with a place of worship. Stained glass, ornate stone columns and intricate woodwork make the library a reverential place to study and learn. It’s a building both flooded with light and full of dark, muted corners. I’ve captured my first architectural gem in this city…

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Meccano bridge

Salford postcards

The new city, new life theme continues. Salford Quays – my home for now – is bristling with photographic riches. There is high-rise architecture that has sprung up in the last decade or so, waterways that have been here a lot longer, and the blazing yellow of the Metrolink trams that connect this area with the rest of Manchester. And just recently, a series of blistering sunsets. Enjoy these postcards…

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