Manchester steel

My camera stays at home during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, but here’s a photo walk I took before the restrictions.

There’s no shortage of new glass and steel buildings in Manchester and I love photographing them.

Deansgate Square is a cluster of high rises that dominates my low-rise canal basin neighbourhood of Castlefield. 

If you cross the usually busy Mancunian Way into neighbouring Hulme, there’s the outstanding Brooks Building on Manchester Metropolitan University’s campus. It’s a latticework that catches the light and has countless angles. Modern marvel or a blot on the landscape?…

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Lockdown photography

A week ago the UK government introduced stringent measures in a effort to slow the spread of coronavirus.

We’ve all been instructed to stay at home and make only essential trips for shopping and exercise while keeping our distance. When I venture out to stretch my legs or fetch supplies, my camera stays behind – it would be frivolous to go out and shoot.

Photography is an enjoyable and creative outlet for me, so I’ve turned my attention indoors like other photographers.

Familiar, ordinary objects become interesting, while having flowers in the house is a definite plus. I’m lucky enough to have a balcony so can enjoy the view (even though I’ve captured it countless times before).

As the pandemic marches on, it looks like we’ll be at home for longer. What are you photographing during the lockdown?

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Moments of calm

These are not normal times. The coronavirus pandemic around the globe is triggering profound changes, a lot of uncertainty – and is making us feel anxious.

A lot of us are having to stay inside our homes and alter our routines drastically, giving us more space to think about the situation.

It’s important to take time out from the dramatic cycle of news and think about our mental well-being. One small way to do this is by focusing on images that promote calm diversion.

I’ve put together a gallery of nature, sunsets, landscapes and minimalism that can draw you in and focus the mind. Take some moments to look at them if it’s all getting too stressful, and enjoy a moment of peace. Stay safe and healthy. Take care.

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Serene Japan

Japan is a rich and complicated country. On my first visit, I discovered it has two faces. 

It’s a dynamic, advanced, crowded urban society which functions at dizzying speed. But it’s also a serene nation deeply rooted in spirituality and belief. Japanese people cherish spaces to gather their thoughts.

Big cities including Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagano are bristling with Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, venerated sanctuaries from the stress of modern life.

Some revered spots, including the Instagrammable red torii gates of Fushimi Inari-taisha, have become incredibly popular with tourists which means you may have to look harder to find your inner peace.

Nature and the countryside are also rooted in the Japanese psyche, although I’ll have to visit again to see more of the country’s wild spaces. But I still found a sprinkling of Zen and captured these meditative moments from Japan…

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