Night Shard

Night lights and reflectionsA rainy evening high, high above London. A chance to witness dusk and lighting-up time across the city from a commanding vantage point. This is the view from The Shard, one of Europe’s highest buildings. I’ve visited during the day, but the night view surpassed that, with the atmosphere in the partially open 72nd floor viewing platform wholly transformed.

But this is also a tale of photographic teeth-gnashing. You cannot bring tripods on your visit, essential for low light photography and opening the shutter for longer periods. You have to rely on stretching regular exposure times as far as possible and cranking up the ISO. It’s frustrating to know how sparkling and golden your images could be with the right tools. I suppose we all have to head to the gift shop for our beautiful photos of a brightly lit London – or simply make do…

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Lease of life

Spring is arriving with a stutter here in west London. The sun has been shining, but a piercing wind from the far north killing the benefits. But in my neighbourhood, the trees have blossomed and started to drop their delicate cargo. In our community garden, a robust clump of Euphorbia is radiating its yellow bounty along with other signs of life (including a plant I’m unable to identify). If Spring is here, can summer be far away?

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Shepherds skies

Big skies are usually associated with rolling, empty country. But you can also find them here in my inner city west London neighbourhood.

One sky is currently filled with cranes, nestled around the former BBC Television Centre building site. And in a single day there was dramatic cloud cover and piercing clear blue. And from my own roof space I captured a huge sweep of travelling clouds and a fiercely beautiful sunset. Is the sky big no matter where you are?

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Angered warmth

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High-end living

London bristles with cranes. There is development everywhere. Quite often you find it’s for luxury residential developments, full of sharp angles, contemporary materials that ascend several floors. This clutch of new buildings are around the Thames, from the base of The Monument and across the river on the South Bank, in the shadow of The Shard along to Tate Modern, which is also currently being extended.

Throw in a lightly clouded blue sky and the odd passing helicopter, these can be very striking captures. And there are certainly a lot to choose from in this ever-growing town…

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Feline patternA little closer to the ground I found this stylish, feline-like cover on some doors to one of the South Bank’s luxury apartment blocks.

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