Moroccan journey

Last summer I took the plunge and visited Morocco, joining a tour group on my own for the first time. Travelling with the Sexy Camel Adventurers (as we called ourselves) was rewarding and eventful, but it was the country that was the undeniable star. We went from coasts to the depths of the desert, taking in ancient cities, mountains and lush valleys on the way.

Enjoy a whirlwind trip around Morocco with a few mouse clicks and without even having to leave your chair. The gallery follows the order of our trip.

 Click on the first image to launch the full-size gallery
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7 thoughts on “Moroccan journey

  1. How I’d love to go to Morocco! Congratulations on a great series of shots – my favourites are ‘Mosque window’ (top shot!), ‘Tannery’ and ‘Camel train’. Not sure why they caught my attention unless it’s something to do with repetitive elements?


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