Margate’s sleek saviour

A new focal point for coastal town Margate is the Turner Contemporary art gallery, which opened in 2011. The building, which overlooks the sea, was constructed at great expense to breathe new life into the resort. It certainly makes its mark, and is blessed with sleek lines rendered from modern materials.

The gallery prides itself on exhibiting art by contemporary artists including Tracey Emin, herself a daughter of Margate. I made my visit to the Kent coast on a Monday, only to discover the Turner isn’t open for business – so I was unable to take advantage of the free  entrance and sample the wares for myself.

But through a sea-facing window I was able to make out Rodin’s famous sculpture The Kiss, currently in residence at the gallery – and from a less familiar angle. Their clinch has been the same for decades, while this building has changed the face of Margate for good.

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