The sepia collection

Sepia is considered an old-fashioned way to treat photographs, stuffy and Victorian. But it’s still used in the digital age, and brings a certain something to various shots.

I’m a fan, but use it quite sparingly. You know when it fits a photograph and adds something to the story. Landscapes which contain people often come under the sepia gaze in my editing suite. It adds many different subtle moods and freezes a moment more delicately. Architectural details, already locked in time, can also benefit from this treatment.  This collection of UK shots that I’ve put together hopefully visualises these points.

Click on the first image to launch the full size gallery

19 thoughts on “The sepia collection

  1. I am totally smitten with the tone here. That is difficult to achieve, I think, and a matter of perfect judgement! WOW. These images “feel” natural. They don’t jar the senses the way hard black and white does. Superb! And refreshing to my tired old eyes! :-)


    • George, thank you very much, that’s really appreciated. Sepia doesn’t work for everything, it somehow needs to connect with the mood of the photograph. And I’m sure your “old” eyes are very experienced!


  2. Beautiful series of images! I agree that sepia works in certain circumstances – the same as black and white, I guess – but you’ve used it to great effect in these shots! (Admittedly, I was trying to track down where you’d taken them as I went through, and think I’ve for six of the locations!) Some seriously great panoramas, though; the Brighton ones are beautiful, and I love the perspective of the line of seated people. Favourite has to be the couple sitting overlooking the city. Great collection, Mike! :D


  3. It may bring an “old-fashioned” look to photos but it is definitely not “stuffy and Victorian”. It’s as fresh today as it was 150 years ago.


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