Back to the benches

An autumn walk in Ravenscourt Park, west London. This is the place to find some light, air and nature close to my home in west London. These trio of benches are a familiar sight. They sit enclosed in a grassed area and don’t seem to attract many sitters.

This is also a photographic revisit. I took a shot of these seats a year ago, and it became the first post on my Flickr feed.

A year is a long time in photography, and this time I wanted to attain a more adventurous angle and stronger contrast in the edit. The original seems safer, while the composition is less than sharp. Personally, I’m happier with the return to the benches. Do you agree?…

As a footnote, there is something irresistible about capturing empty seats, whether they’re in Ravenscourt or an entire row of them in Battersea Park across London.

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