Ecclesiastical curves

Southwark Cathedral lies close to the South Bank of the River Thames. The building is close to London Bridge and in the shadow of uber-modern skyscraper The Shard. It lies so near to the very popular Borough Market that visitors eating their snacks often spill into the grounds at weekends.

While the exterior is beautiful, going inside the cathedral is a great experience. On this particular afternoon, the choir was rehearsing and in full voice and the light warm, feeding the intricate stonework with its graceful curves and archways.

London’s larger religious buildings, including St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, forbid visitors from taking interior photographs. For a small donation, you are issued with a permit at Southwark and allowed to wander around the building and enjoy it to the full with your camera.

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12 thoughts on “Ecclesiastical curves

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  2. Okay, the’s a definite stalking thing going on… Southwark Cathedral (which I have ventured past twice in the last four days) and the cablecar and O2 (where I was yesterday)..?! Great shots! :)


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