Mystery solved

UntitledThis mysterious shot prompted some interesting responses from fellow photographers, with its dark, swirling texture which fills the frame.

Alexander at World In Your Eyes thought it was part of a huge trunk, while Noeline Smith was torn between lichen or seaweed. Lucy Gutteridge said: “Looks like the surface of a Ryvita I’m currently trying to eat!”

Nearest to the mark by a long way was Sherri from Pearweed who described it as “frozen water with bubbles just under the surface”.

Well here it is – it’s simply early morning frost taken at close quarters. The frost was clinging to a length of duct tape which covered a piece of wood outside a house close to my west London home. Quite specific, then!

Since the turn of December, the weather has taken a distinctly winter turn here, with frosts, freezing fog and ice – even a dusting of snow in other parts of southern England. There will be some other frosty captures to share with you very soon.

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11 thoughts on “Mystery solved

  1. Well, I was going to guess a frosted textile (I have taken macro shots of a motorcycle cover which have a similar feel to this). Too bad I was so slow in coming by.


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