First day of Spring

Spring palette

A splash of sunshine and warmth finally descends upon London. A whole palette of lush greens, vibrant yellows, piercing magentas and their more subtle cousins become wonderfully visible.

I soaked this up in Hammersmith Park, west London, a small neighbourhood oasis which sits behind BBC Television Centre. People had turned out at lunchtime to catch the mood, some of them more grizzled types with cans of lager in their hand. But it was good-natured and a moment of joy after months in the gloom.

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This has been the first – and only – day of Spring so far. The following morning, the clear skies were obscured in cloud and the colour scheme had shrunk away. A wintry cold has taken hold again, and there is even talk of snow. You have to grasp it when you can…

From Spring to winter: you can look at a gallery of cold weather photography here.

19 thoughts on “First day of Spring

  1. I love the photos but I’m a bit confused, Mike. The first day of Spring is the 20th here in the States (and everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere I thought. Are these from another year?


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