Pastel parade

Light blueLilacLight yellowAquamarineGreyPale blue

A set of colourful house facades. Each different, set apart by their pastel shades. Some of the window sills have iron decorations, others are plain and simple. The yellow house even has some plants outside the windows, while the curtains are drawn across the light grey house’s windows.

Despite these differences, there is something curiously uniform about these six house fronts. This pretty row sits very close to my home in Hammersmith, west London. The houses prompt you to stop and look at their genteel, candied loveliness.

Wingate Road also has another gem on the corner – a lovely pub called the Anglesea Arms. You might call this a traditional local watering hole, which is something to be cherished in the midst of a big city.

You can click on each of the window panels above to have a closer look

Wingate pastels

23 thoughts on “Pastel parade

  1. This is beautiful! I love how you put the six window shots together as one larger image, it really got my imagination racing. I too immediately pictures a Mediterranean waterfront lined with these windows. Amazing that they are in the heart of London!


    • Thank you Saskia, it’s very nice to receive your comment. Truly, right here in London and very close to where I live. I’ve had a look at your blog and it’s very beautifully presented with some excellent food photography. The recipes are very enticing too. I’ll be having a closer look soon!


  2. Utterly gorgeous, both the subject and the photos. How lovely in the depths of a dark, English winter to see a terrace like this every day – if I lived there it would remind me always that spring is coming……sooner or later!


    • Thanks Linda, I think maybe that’s why they plumped for this colour scheme. It must look very inviting on dark days as you say. Nothing like the constant Canarian light and brightness, though!


  3. Wow, for a moment I thought you made these photos on a trip in the Mediterranean. So un-English these pastel colours. Nice!


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