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My mantra is to do as little as possible with photographs. A slight tweak in contrast here, an extra touch of colour there – but essentially keep them natural and true.

But I’ve recently cracked into the wealth of powerful effects offered by editing programmes, and have decided to breathe new life into some favourite shots.

These photos have been inverted, or had their colour schemes turned inside out, with some additional enhancing effects. I’ve discovered that it results in new creations, some of them vibrant and others abstract. It often subverts the identity of the original photograph and stands on its own feet.

This feels like another layer of creation, far removed from the original vision seen through the lens. It’s perhaps digital art, but achieved with software and a few extra mouse clicks and adjustments.

Does it do it for you? Is it art?…

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18 thoughts on “Inside out

  1. Love these, we live in exciting times where we can take a beautiful image and appreciate that. Then move on and make more images that use another awareness of shape, line, form etc. be it art or image it’s an extension of who we are and what we like doing.


  2. These are amazing, Mike. My first thought was that some look like paintings. I guess that answers your question – yes, you are using software but that is just another tool – the art comes from your use of colour and composition to create these wonderful images.


    • Thank you so much, Lena, I’m glad you like them. I think you are right – there are millions of permutations with this software. It’s a question of judgement to choose ones which will fit well.


  3. We can’t ignore the technology available nowadays; a few of the shots on Instagram are stunning. The key, I think, is to understand it is a only tool and, as you said, to use it as a source of creativity.


    • I admit to being an Instagram naysayer, but see its strengths too. In this case capturing the photograph in the first place was the real moment of creativity – this is just an interesting offhsoot/development. Thanks so much for your comment, Ben, and greetings from London.


    • Glad to evoke a moment from the early years, James! Well I can tell you it’s very hard to take a photograph and imagine how it will look when inverted. This is something of an offshoot but an interesting one.


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