Mosque magic

Blue stuccoYou have to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at least twice on a visit to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. By the dazzling light of day, this beguiling building teems with visitors and can be hot work. But it remains open until long after sunset, and is transformed by illuminations which unveil a magical spectrum of colours, shimmering reflections and accentuate the wonderful lines and shapes created by this wonder of architecture.

After dark, the visitors have thinned out and lurk as silhouettes, and you can find stretches of the mosque are your own. The grounds are lit with warm, golden lamps which add to the atmosphere. And as for night photography, the lighting means that a tripod isn’t essential or even necessary. You must definitely take a night stroll around this building if you’re ever in this Middle Eastern city.

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Gallery entrance

13 thoughts on “Mosque magic

  1. Wow, Mike these are stunning images. Those colours are astounding. How I would dearly love to experience this myself. I hope to one day perhaps visit. p.s. I became a Naturalised British Citizen last week ;) Hoorah!


    • Thanks so much, Cindy. It’s great to visit and I would especially do so at night. Well worth the trip. And many congratulations on your naturalisation! I thought they would have handed it to you given all the work you do to promote London!

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      • Hahahaha! yeah, you’d think!!! But nope, I had to work for that too. But, It’s such an amazing feeling….I still wake up in the mornings with a little thrill….I’m a UK citizen. :) Amazing. I’m aplying for my passport this week, and then the world (maybe) is my oyster ;) Photos to follow LOL


    • Wow thank you Richard. To be honest with this illuminated by building there’s such a wealth of riches it would be hard not to take some away. It’s fast becoming one of the most photographed attractions. Fair play to the Emiratis!

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