Urban meadow

The White City housing estate here in west London is quite large and imposing. I walk through part of it every day and it’s become a familiar place. Just lately, “my” little corner has been transformed. An area of lawn was carefully seeded and has flourished into a meadow studded with poppies, daisies, cornflowers and other delightful flowers.

The obvious juxtaposition is this slice of English countryside in the middle of a city estate. It’s stark yet beautiful. The little meadow has trails weaving across it, while it’s bright and upstanding in the sunshine and gently wilts in the rain. It’s a pleasure to share this delight with you…

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15 thoughts on “Urban meadow

  1. Again, great images, Mike. It’s amazing how what we take as the everyday – a morning walk to work – can, in fact, become so much more if we look and take in what’s around us. The poppies are stunning, but it’s the cornflower that wins it for me! :)


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