Welcome to Facebook

I have finally created an official Facebook page for mikeosbornphoto. I resisted for years, using my personal feed to share photographs and blog posts. The change of heart came when I realised the benefits of a ‘proper’ page – you can schedule posts, check the performance of your page (much the same as analytics on WordPress) and tap into the vast numbers of Facebook users who are interested in photography.

I know that some of my regular photographer and WordPress friends also maintain Facebook pages for their work. Do you as well? Well this is an opportunity for us to ‘like’ each other and connect on Facebook. It’s very useful to have as much outreach on social media which is so busy with people wanting to be seen and heard.

If you have a moment to come by, simply click the button below. It would be a pleasure to see you and of course return to compliment. It’ll be back to the photography very soon – that’s why we’re all here, isn’t it?


8 thoughts on “Welcome to Facebook

  1. I have a Facebook Fan Page I use for my photography. I currently only post links leading to my blog posts on WordPress. I only upload images pertaining to my cover photo or any photos that are not that significant to me. How do you interpret Facebook’s photograph policy regarding their potential usage of your images?

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    • Hi Travis, good to hear from you. I’ve liked your Facebook page and glad to find it. I’ve uploaded many photos on my personal page for years and think there’s little to fear from them being used by Facebook without permission. I think as soon as we publish photos on the internet there are small risks involved, but this comes with the territory. The only surefire solution is to publish nothing and deprive our work of any oxygen.

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      • Good point! I’ve always been aware of publishing anything on the internet is risky, but like you say, if you want people to see your work, that’s a risk you have to take. I may reconsidered uploading images. Besides, there are millions of images on Facebook.What are the odds of them finding and using one of my photos? If they do, I believe it would only be used by Facebook internally and the photo will be of low resolution and I may add a watermark. Thanks for the reply. I will like your page as well.


        • I think that’s a wise and considered position, Travis. It’s a considered risk, but there are billions of images out there so it would be bad luck if one of your own was exploited for monetary gain. Another battle with a Facebook page is getting your posts to be as visible as possible – that’s something they really do control.

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    • Thanks guys, it’s good to hear from you. It’s potentially another work stream which takes you away from the real business at hand – taking photographs. But a necessary evil these days… Have a great Sunday too!


      • We’re both still a little leery about FB but you might have a point. I’d rather be out taking photographs but most of the photo sharing sites have changed so much that it’s becoming more difficult to reach a real audience and not get your work stolen in the process. Regardless of how well you protect your work with copyright there are always those who are adept at disguising and removing said copyright. I guess that’s why we’ve steered clear of FB. Let us know how it goes. Have a good Sunday.


        • Yes, it’s very true. There’s no guarantee that your work is watertight but it’s a considered risk. I know it’s easy to check where your images may have ended up, but I think that’s a dangerous practice to get into. Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, it’s all exposure but we won’t get seen at all otherwise. I wouldn’t be writing this message to you now!


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