Northern snapshots

I’ve lived in the north of England for 18 months now. There’s a great deal to explore here, from industrial cities to the natural beauty of the Lake District.

Here’s a scattering a 12 shots from my northern discovery so far. There is a lot more to discover…

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10 thoughts on “Northern snapshots

  1. Crikey Mike, where there’s muck there’s brass. I can see you are really in the swing of being with us Northern folk. Well I suppose I can can myself a Yorkshireman having been born up here, but moved south as a child. Having said that I am glad to up here again. Your work has inspired me, made me smile and at times wear sunglasses from the beauty of the colours and detail you capture so well. I hope you have a wonderful Easter. Best regards, James

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    • Hi James, a very happy Easter to you too and thank you most kindly for this :) Yes, I like being in the north, even on a soggy, saturated day like this which makes my camera shrink with fear. I enjoy seeing your posts on Instagram and think a cross-Pennine summit is in order one of these days.

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  2. Great eclectic collection from northern England. Love the old red brick with sky windows and skyscrapers for backdrops, urban Pomona is really eye catching and Linear again confirms your ‘eye’ for this sort of minimal. Is it really 18 months?

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