Northern cool

A train ride across the Pennines from Manchester whisked me to the West Yorkshire city of Wakefield.

I headed to The Hepworth Gallery, named after artist Barbara Hepworth, who was born there in 1903. It’s a sleek, contemporary building created by David Chipperfield and an unexpected sight in the heart of post-industrial Yorkshire.

I stalked the lofty rooms and corridors, finding delectable shadow, light and lines to capture. But before heading outside to do the same, enjoyed a photography exhibition and inevitably some cake in the gallery cafe.

This is a cool, modern place and well worth visiting if you find yourself anywhere in the north of England.

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6 thoughts on “Northern cool

    • Hi Laura, I didn’t realise you’d emigrated to the north too. This place is worth having a wander round. I mainly missed out on the art and Hepworth exhibition as I was so immersed in the building :)


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