Swiss sojourn

In this year of travel, it was nice to be invited on a relaxing break by a friend and simply tag along. It was my first visit to Switzerland and the lakeside city of Montreux. A budget flight from Manchester to Geneva and an efficient train ride later, we had arrived.

A stay in a genteel hotel with a stunning Alpine view and walks along the shore of Lake Geneva made this a proper little holiday, with the scenery and quaint old part of the town keeping my camera busy.

Queen legend Freddie Mercury had a home in Montreux and one of the city’s main attractions is a statue dedicated to his memory. It’s easy to see why he decided to spend time here.

As for Switzerland, it’s clean, works well but will eat into your holiday money. A cheaper lakeside alternative could be Ohrid in North Macedonia, but the polished backdrop of the Alps is hard to beat.

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