Beautiful Triffids

I bought two bunches of these popular wedding flowers for the first time and wasn’t impressed. Read more below

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The stalks of my Freesias seemed too tall and spindly, with the blooms perched on top like Triffids. And I was none too keen on their pungent fragrance.

It wasn’t until I photographed these flowers at close quarters that I appreciated their beauty, with delicate mauve and robust pastel pink and yellow petals.

By using a variety of backgrounds, these specimens became photogenic and versatile. I wonder what’s next in my ongoing indoor floral project?

11 thoughts on “Beautiful Triffids

  1. Lovely work Mike. Still in lockdown? We’ve been allowed a little bit of freedom but still the Qld. border is closed to the southerners. I was going to say keep them until they dry as they make lovely subjects but I see you have already thrown them out :(

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    • Thanks Lee, these were good at close quarters but looked a bit odd. Ah yes I should dry some stems for a different view. Great tip! Our lockdown eases further on Saturday with the opening of pubs. That’ll end well I’m sure! Unlike you guys we’re obviously quite happy to sit with a relatively high level of infection. Hmmmm…


  2. Rhubarb & Custard and Single Stem are gorgeous!! You know I have a love-hate thing with (my) flower photography, but you have a real knack of pulling it off… Lovely work, Mike! I look forward to seeing the next instalment!

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