Manchester on mobile

Earlier this year I admitted that I didn’t like using my smartphone to take photographs. That was a good starting point to try to make more use of my phone camera.

My Samsung A51 is classed as ‘affordable’, so its camera doesn’t have superpowers. But it slides into my pocket easily and has been coming on more trips, including daily walks around Manchester city centre.

I’ll admit that I’m getting used to it and the results are fuelling stories on my Instagram account. Editing is minimal and the content is good enough to last for 24 hours.

Everything is still shot in portrait and I spend a lot of time looking up at Manchester’s varied architecture. Despite this progress, my camera has its own life which I still value more.

How do you juggle your smartphone and conventional camera? Let me know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Manchester on mobile

  1. I would love to take more phone pics because I don’t lug around my DSLR when I go shopping or drive to work; however, my iPhone 5SE takes really rubbish pics. I’ve been looking into newer (affordable) models but they either have the same type of camera or if they’re newer they don’t have audio jacks, which is a deal breaker for me. I might have to go over to the dark side aka Android…

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