Arctic Manchester

How’s the weather where you live today? January has been mostly grey, miserable and sodden here in Manchester.

But in December there was a prolonged blast of frozen weather with bone-bitingly chilly temperatures.

The city turned into a different place, with stellar light throwing out glossy blues, industrial plumes of steam and strong reflections in still waters.

I spent a day with photographer William Perugini on his first visit to Manchester. It was a very cold, productive day filled with Arctic magic.

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Link to mikeosbornphoto's Manchester photo shop

2 thoughts on “Arctic Manchester

  1. The weather has been crazy here in Southern Germany. Snow at the beginning of January, then spring temperatures of almost 20C, next was the grey and rainy period, and now it’s snowing again…
    Your icy blue pictures look exactly how I would winter like to be – blue skies, crisp air, and sunshine.

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